Sunday, January 07, 2007


What am I doing in a queue? Anything that is good must be waited patiently, at least that is what I think. While I was walking in the vicinity of Xintiandi (新天地) I saw a long queue outside a shop. People were queuing up for its steamed buns that were freshly-made and sold straight from the steam racks.

The name of the shop is "港台双皮灌汤包" (Hongkong-Taiwan double-skin soup-filled bun). The shop was having brisk business. The queue moved quite fast and within 5 minutes I was served. I bought three fresh-meat buns (鲜肉包) at a cost of 80 cents renminbi per bun. Altogether, I paid less than S$0.50 for three buns. In Singapore, I can't even buy one meat bun for S$0.50.

The weather was cold but the buns was steaming hot. I just could not wait to bite into them to feel the warm. Fortunately, I am not writing a food blog or I would have committed a big sin for not taking a picture of them. I am sorry that I do not have a photo because they were so delicious that I finished them before I could say 'kimchi'. The skin of the bun was tenderly soft and the savoury meat soup oozed out once bitten. I had my hands all messed up eating the buns but it was a satisfying meal.


  1. YUMMY! The way you described has made my mouth watery^^

  2. You are so easily influence, aren't you? Just thinking of it, I also start to salivate ^^

  3. 맛있었겠다. 저도 푸드블로그를 하고 있지만.. 배가 고플땐 먹는게 우선이에여.. ㅎㅎ ^^

  4. 제 생각과 똑 같아요 ^^