Tuesday, January 02, 2007

상해에서 돌아왔다

I am back from Shanghai. It was a 'fruitful' trip. I was right to think that Shanghai bookstore should carry some respectable Korean language textbooks due to the proximity of China to Korea and the presence of the Joseon ethnic group at Yeonbyeon(연변-延邊,吉林省). I bought six Korean language textbooks when I visited 'Shanghai Book City', a seven-level mega bookstore, located at Fujian Road, about 5 minutes walk from the famous Nanjing East Walking Street.

1. [Top Left] The title of this book is translated as " Standard Korean Language" and it is published by the Peking University Press. There are 3 volumes altogether and I bought all three. The book shown above is the first volume. Each volume is about 300-plus pages thick. These textbooks are the consolidated effort of the editorial teams from 25 universities in China. These textbooks should be comprehensive enough for my self-study.

2. [Top Right] This TOPIK Preparation Guide, published by Shanghai Jiatong University Press, is meant as a preparation material for students who wish to attained level 3 or 4 for the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) administered by the Ministry of Education of Korea. Whereas, the Korean Language Proficiency Test (KLPT) is administered by their Ministry of Labor. This textbook should be a useful tool for me to assess my proficiency level.

3. [Bottom] These two books explain the Korean grammars. I was so excited when I found these grammar books at the fourth level of Shanghai Book City. I know I badly need some grammar book to tighten up my fundamentals so that I can progress further in my study. These books should allow me to do cross-references if any one of the book fails to explain a grammar well enough. So far, these two books were able to answer all my doubts about the Korean grammars.

These six Korean language textbooks cost me about 186 reminbi, which is about S$37. I must say that books are very cheap in Shanghai. I may not even get two textbooks in Korea for the price I paid for these books in Shanghai. With the latest acquisitions, I hope to better my KLPT grade level to 3 or 4 by the end of this year. This should be one of my 2007 resolutions.


  1. Good to see u again:)

    I've been to that bookstore(and some other nearby that one) in Shanghai too.
    Last year I coudn't find any good Korean textbook there, but it looks better now (through your pics).

  2. I bought some Chinese books too(including four textbooks), which I still haven't read through.
    I wonder when I can finish them^^;;

    By the way, wasn't it cold in Shanghai? I didn't know they don't have heat indoor in southern China before my trip to Shanghai. Crazy... I could never live in a place with the average temperature of 5 degree INDOOR.
    After my trip to Shanghai last winter, I was so happy to be in Korea^^

  3. Yes, its so nice to be back again.

    The Shanghai Book City was just fantastic. I have not seen so many Korean language books. I was so spoilt for choice.

    It was only cold for about two days in Shanghai and I am talking about temp between 0 and 2 degC.

    During my stay, I actually switched off the heater inside my hotel room and opened the windows to let the cold air in. I don't know why I could not sleep with the heater on.

    Frankly, I miss the cold weather. I am still trying to get used to the warm weather in Singapore ^^

  4. Equinox 씨, welcome back to Singapore and the blog world. You notice that somehow none of us blogged much while you away.^^

    The bookstore is interesting. I will sure be intoxicated by the number of books if I pay them a visit one day (hopefully soon).

  5. Yes, I notice that your blog is still in autumn when it is winter now. Time to change the "season" in your blog, don't you think so?

    And ... you will probably get intoxicated faster if you visit one of the Shanghai night club. ㅋㅋㅋ