Wednesday, January 10, 2007


When South Korea announced its sunshine policy towards North Korea, the world saw the following sight.

As a result, Kim Dae Jung was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000.

When Taiwan announced its "Two-Nations Theory" or its derivative "One-Side-One-Nation Theory", the world saw darkness. As a result, 700 missiles from China were aimed at Taiwan.


  1. 김대중 대통령이 북한에서 김정일과 만나 활주로에서 서로 끌어 안았을때 눈물이 와르르 흘렀었지요. ^^

    그런데 햇별정책이 아니고 햇볕정책이에요.^_^;;

  2. It must have been an emotionally-charged meeting between the two leaders. If I am any one of them, I would have cried too ^^

    Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I have made the correction. 고맙습니다.