Friday, December 12, 2008


Olympics Bridge as seen from Cheonho Bridge

It seems like world renowned cities will be associated to either a bay, a harbour or a river.

Hong Kong - Victoria Harbour
London - River Thames
New York - New York Bay
Paris - River Seine
Shanghai - Huangpu River
Singapore - Marina Bay
Sydney - Sydney Harbour
Tokyo - Tokyo Bay
Toronto - Toronto Harbour

In Seoul, it's the Han River. When I see Seoul from the Han River, I am more able to forgive its crowded train and dusty street.

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Olympics Bridge at twilight. Click to enlarge the picture.


  1. 와.... 색이 진짜 이쁘다....

  2. are like a pro-photographer!

    대단하네요. 정말.

  3. 아닙니다.
    경치가 아름다워서 사진도 잘 나왔어요.