Sunday, December 07, 2008

눈이 펑펑 내렸다

Today, it snowed for the second time in Seoul this winter. Compared to the first snow, the snowing today was heavier and longer. It started snowing during the midday and stopped at night. In the evening, while I was walking in Myeongdong, the snow was falling down like beads and not flakes. It seemed like raining but it was snowing alright. Though it snowed, the temperature today was actually warmer than the last two days. The coldest day was on Friday when the temperature dropped to -12degC but by tonight it was 0degC. I probably won't see snow again for the next few weeks but I hope it doesn't rain instead. I don't like feeling cold and wet during winter.

Picture of a back alley, near my accommodation, covered in snow

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