Friday, December 19, 2008

순백의 겨울

Cheonggyecheon is lighted up this evening in cool white lights

"Nanta" is back again cooking up a storm at the light-up ceremony

"Nanta" is always interesting to watch

The Brass Quartet performed a medley of 007 theme songs

They are both musicians and entertainers. Very entertaining performance.

The Brass Quartet are all so cool. They swing, dance and march around.

The emcee of the light-up ceremony

The Seoul's Mayor hopes the lights will brighten up Korea's bleak economy

The presence of Korea's poster boy, Park Tae-hwan, attracted lotsa attention

Fire and fireworks display after light-up

Cheonggyecheon after light-up

This is YTN News reporting from Cheonggyecheon

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  1. 왜 더 이상 포스팅이 없는 거죠?
    2009년에는 글이 하나도 없네요.