Saturday, December 13, 2008

습관 때문에

Beautiful sunset as seen from Hangang Park at Apgujeong

I was at Hangang again today. The park at Hangang gave me some quiet moment for self-reflection. I am still adjusting to life without work. I want to work. I didn't want to quit. But when the only motivation to work is the next paycheck, I knew its time to call it quit. The truth is, I didn't quit my job so that I can come to Korea. I quit my job because I can't see my future in it. I might not have liked what I was doing previously but I still miss working. 습관 때문인 것 같다.


  1. Equinox,你对工作的“放下”态度令我好羡慕...我想有很多人(当然包括我在内...至少我目前对工作的心境就像你说的the only motivation to work is the next paycheck *sad*),只是为了混一口饭吃而工作,已经没有passion了想潇洒的放下离开却很难做到,因为要/会顾虑的东西太多太多(忽然想到你post的"핑계입니다!" ㅋㅋㅋoh I like this drama very much, 강마에真的不是普通的帅;p)...学会“放下”真的不容易...

  2. Seoul is okay, but just wondering if you're gonna travel out of Seoul, and see more of Korea. There's heaps more to see/do than just what is in Seoul *^^*

  3. Hi Equinox!
    Are you traveling around or studying in Seoul?

    Though you missed working life, I have to agree that it's due to habit and social norm that at your age you should be working and not hanging ard loosely.

    But fret not, I feel that at this point of time, it's your turning point in life.

    While everyone is working aimlessly day by day, unlike them, you took a step ahead (like what you've mentioned in your prev entry) towards your passion.

    Dream, Think, Visualise, Action!
    Since you're here a step ahead, continue moving towards your dream yea?

    I came across a quote from a 'pasar malam' t-shirt print (pasar malam, dont play play!)

    It says: Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life

    So when I searched online it's a quote from Confucius!


    加油!呵呵 *wink*

  4. Milkyway, don't envy me. You may not want the fear that I have about my future. Everyone is different. Just feel thankful about the things you already have.

    Andy, its defintely in my plan. Since its winter now, I shall try to go to Gangwondo.

    Agnes, I am doing both - studying and travelling ^^. Things are easier said than done. That's why I need to take that difficult step of leaving my job. Otherwise, I will not be convincing if I tell my children next time that they need to dream and work hard to realise their dream. I believe what you wrote is equally applicable to yourself. I hope you will realise your "Dream 2010". Fighting!!

  5. I haven't been to 강원도 yet, it's very far from 전라남도. I did most of my touristy-style travelling in Autumn and Spring.

  6. I will travel regardless seasons. So much to see in Korea :)