Saturday, December 13, 2008

스케이트장 개장

The ice-skating rink at the Seoul Plaza (City Hall) opened yesterday evening. I wish I know how to skate. The admission charge is only 1,000won for one hour though skate, helmet, gloves and locker rental are charged separately. Perhaps, I should try to get into the skating rink one of these days when the crowd is lesser. Anyway, I have until Feb 15 to make my attempt. I am still quite apprenhensive about skating because I keep thinking about falling. I should stop thinking so negatively or I may end up not trying it afterall.

Some of the cartoons put up on the partition board around the plaza

Skaters rehearsing for the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony commenced, after sunset, at 5:30pm. There was "Nanta" performance, Brass Quartet, figure skating and synchronised skating. I have no picture of the figure skaters because they are just too fast for my camera. What I do have are "rare" pictures of Nanta performance. I have watched their performance twice but yet I have no pictures of them because they don't allow photography inside their theatre.

Some "rare" pictures of Nanta performance at the opening ceremony

Brass Quartet of 2 trumpets, a tuba and a trombone from Russia

Mayor of Seoul, Mr Oh Se-Yoon, addressing the crowd

When the ice skating rink was declared open by the Mayor of Seoul, green laser beams cut through the night sky. Then, out from nowhere, a remotely-controlled flying phoenix flew over the Seoul Plaza. Soon after, fireworks burst out from the phoenix and turned it into a fireball. The fireworks display was not grand but very unique and environmental-friendly.

Skaters performing with the Seoul Plaza Hotel as the backdrop

The giant Christmas tree at the Seoul Plaza

When the opening ceremony was over, it was just seven in the evening. My mind, however, perceived the time to be nine at night. At that moment, I was quite glad to know that I have more time than I thought I have.


  1. Huaa.. i missed that... cos i had a class and appointment and it's all finished on 8.30... but lucky i decided not to go, cos i thought to go there after 8 before :D

  2. 다음 금요일에 청계천에 축제도 있는 것 같아요. 만약에 수업도 없고 시간도 괜찮으면 같이 갈래요 ^^