Tuesday, December 16, 2008

베토벤 바이러스 촬영지

Petite France is one of the filming locations for the popular Korean drama - Beethoven Virus. This give people another good reason to visit the place besides the French and The Little Prince's theme.

강마에 작업실 (Kang Ma-e's Office)

The room used by Kang Ma-e in the drama was quite crowded during weekend. It was hard to take a picture inside the room without someone blocking the view. The working desk of Kang Ma-e, in particular, was the most sought-after spot for picture taking. People had to queue to sit on it, I kid you not. The room may be small but there are lotsa nice picture-taking spots.

A nicely decorated room with pictures of great musicians and maestros.

Weekend crowd inside Kang Ma-e's office. People queuing to be Kang Ma-e.

Table used by Kang Ma-e. The most sought-after spot for picture taking.

Level 2 of Kang Ma-e's office - A gallery and a rest area.

Put your head behind these 3 figurines and you will have a good pciture.

연습실 (Practice Room)

The multi-purpose hall (다목적홀) at Petite France is the practice room for the musicians in the drama. The corridor outside the hall is a very good picture taking spot provided there are not too many people walking up and down it.

You will feel so much more cultured walking down this corridor.

Flute performance inside the multi-purpose hall. 분위기 너무 좋다!


  1. 우와...멋지네요. 저도 가보고 싶어요.
    수업 시작했겠네요~어때요? 수업은 재미있나요?

  2. 예, 수업은 오늘부터 시작했어요.
    선생님과 반친구들도 좋더라고요.
    최선을 다하겠습니다 ^^

  3. 저도 이 드라마 좋아해요
    한국말 잘하시네요!!