Friday, December 12, 2008


Yesterday morning, I did my foreigner registration at the Seoul Immigration Office, Sejongno Branch (서울출입국관리사무소 세종로출장소). To get there, I had to literally push and squeeze myself into the morning train packed with office workers (직장인). If I don't, I probably won't go anywhere until the morning rush hours (출근시간) is over. Now I know what it means to pack like sardines. 사람이 되게 많다! Immediately, I learnt two things about city life in Seoul:

1. There is no need to feel embarrass about pushing and squeezing because its quite normal.

2. It is not possible to say "excuse me" to everyone you push and squeeze because there is just too many people. If you insist on being courteous, the train door would probably shut before you can exit.

Call it weird or whatever, I could still find something positive about standing in a packed train. I have no fear of losing my balance even though I am not holding to any support because I am already "supported" in all directions by people.

The Seoul Immigration Office, Sejongno Branch is located inside the SK Hub Plaza and the building itself is situated in between Exit 5 and 6 of Anguk Station (Line 3, orange-coloured line). I exited from Exit 5, turned right and walked in the direction of Exit 6. Soon, I saw the elevator of Anguk Station and the SK Hub Plaza is just beside it. I entered the building through a revolving door and found my way up to the 2nd floor where the immigration office is located.

Anguk Station's elevator, SK Hub Plaza and the revolving door (bottom left)

Once inside the office, I went first to the queue ticket machine and pressed the second button (Application) for my queue number. Though I arrived at 9:15, there were already 40 or more people in front of me in the queue. While waiting for my number to be called, I took an application form (신청서(신고서)) that was placed at one end of the room. I filled up the form and pasted a photo of myself. Then I paid a revenue charge of KRW10,000 at a small counter. I was given a revenue stamp which I was supposed to paste at the bottom of my application form.

About an hour later, my number was called. I handed over my completed application form, a photocopy of my Certificate of Admission and my passport to the immigration officer at the counter. Checking and verification were done efficiently within 5 minutes. I was given a receipt to collect my Alien Registration Card a week later.

I shall go in the afternoon next week to collect my card. No more of pushing and squeezing if I can help it. It is fortunate that I didn't choose to stay far away from my school. Starting next week, all I need to do, is to take a leisure walk to school every morning. I can't wait for school to start.

I also can't wait to go "Petite France" this Sunday. By the way, "Petite Fance" is one of the filming sites of the Korean drama - "Beethoven Virus" but what really get me excited is its "Little Prince" theme. Nice musical box music at its website here. ^^


  1. Share photos of Petite France with us please, Equinox ssi. I've just completed Beethoven Virus and am soooo in love with anything related to it. :)

  2. Hey...the musical box music is very similar to the music I heard in the movie "Howl's Moving Castle" *nice* :D

  3. i told you it's nice :)