Sunday, December 07, 2008

오후의 약속

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was in Sinsadong. Sinsadong is just one station after Apgujeong on metro line 3. Since Sinsadong is in Gangnam area, things tend to be a bit pricey. But we wouldn't mind because the ambiance at Sinsadong is quite pleasant and more importantly, it is not crowded by tourists.

Kaye introduced this cafe "Deux Crème" (means two coffees with milk in French) which specialises in tarts without forgetting to warn that it is going to be quite expensive. The tarts sold in the cafe are not something like the fruit tarts or egg tarts that we know back in Singapore. They are as big as cake. So, like cake, they are sold in slices and not as a whole.

My cup of Caffe Latte Machiato with a nice string of hearts

I got myself a slice of Choco Cream tart. The top layer is chocolate mousse sprinkled with crushed nuts. The bottom layer is creamy chocolate filled with roasted nuts. All these sit on a thin, crispy pastry crust. I have not eaten enough of such tarts so I can't really comment if they are really superb. Notwithstanding, I should think that its quality stuff we are getting since the damage is in the region of KRW 30,000 for 2 drinks and 2 slices of tart.

Left is Tiramisu tart. Right is Choco Cream tart

Beverages nicely backlited inside the counter cabinet

Finer details are not overlooked in this posh cafe

When we left "Deux Crème" around five plus, the sky was starting to get dark. Outside temperature was -7degC. We got on the train to Gwanghwamun to have mushroom spicy soup for dinner. But the shop was closed and we ended up eating Samgyeopsal instead. The dinner maybe oily but absolutely scrumptious.

Posh boutiques in Sinsadong

Samgyeopsal sizzling on the hot plate. 너무 느끼해!

I usually like my Saturday afternoon to be quiet and peaceful. It is my way of de-stressing after a hectic work week. Sitting inside a nice cafe is one perfect way of spending away my lazy Saturday afternoon.


  1. OH ummmmm YUMMY!! LOOK AT THE MEAT!!
    Haaaa, you're making me drool!!

  2. hey hey.... u're back in Seoul already? :P its almost time for me to depart...... :(

    good luck with yr studies!! 화이팅!

    부럽다... 나도 계속공부하고 싶어......

  3. agnes, you're so easily tempted. tsk tsk. haha..

    jean, look forward to your next time in seoul. you will definitely have more good times in future. as for me, this will probably be my last time in seoul. so there is no need to envy me, 알았찌!