Tuesday, November 27, 2007

연대에 갔다왔다

Maple leaves collect on the ground after fall is over

These maple leaves were taken inside the Yonsei University campus. The fall scenery in Yonsei must have been awesome but at this moment all that was left of fall was on ground.

I heard a lot about Yonsei but yesterday was the first time I actually visited the campus. Since I have previously visited Ewha, Hongik and Sogang, 3 of the 4 famous universities in Sinchon area, I thought I might as well achieved a "Grand Slam" by completing Yonsei in this trip.

There was rain in the morning yesterday and the sky was quite hazy throughout the day. I went visiting Yonsei after lunchtime because I didn't feel like getting out of bed too early during winter. To get to Yonsei, I got off Sinchon station and took about 10 mins walk to the main entrance. On entering Yonsei, there was this sense of prestige. Somehow, it had something to do with that 1km or so straight road that stretches from the entrance to the iconic building of Yonsei, the Underwood Hall. Only in places of authority and prestige do I think I will see that sort of long and straight road.

The Underwood Hall of Yonsei University named after its founder

The Steamson Hall - located to one side of the Underwood Hall

Some random views around the Yonsei campus

Yonsei is quite modern though new buildings look less interesting

Eagle - symbol of Yonsei's spirit. The 2 arms of Y are like eagle wings

Indulge myself in gelato and sandwich in Caffe Pascucci after the visit


  1. wow,..... what great pictures!!!
    really love the autumn leaves colors.
    you captured them very nicely....
    feel like in canada.... haha.