Tuesday, November 20, 2007

첫 눈을 놓쳤어

[Photo Credit: Chosunilbo, 조선일보, 朝鮮日報]

According to Chosun Daily, the "first snow" of this winter fell in Seoul about 9pm yesterday night and it continued into the early morning of today. Oh well, the "first snow" has fallen five days too early for me. In Korean, "눈" (pronounced "noon") means both snow and eye. Hence, "첫 눈" can mean both first snow and first sight (as in love at first sight). There is a romantic link to the first snow and that makes it a special day for lovers. I wish I could be there now but work is keeping me busy everyday this week until perhaps hours before my flight on Friday night. Despite that, I still feel good when I am thinking about "눈". Regardless of whether it means snow or eye. ^^

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