Sunday, May 17, 2015

신안 튤립 축제

When I saw a picture of windmills and tulips, I told myself I have to go there and went I did. The icons of the Netherlands can be found in Korea at Shinan County (신안군, 新安郡), Imja Island (임자도, 荏子島). Shinan County is the "hometown" of islands and well-known for its skates (cartilaginous fish), sea salt (천일염, 天日鹽) and tulips. But tulip alone was enough to make me embarked on the long trip from Seoul to South Jeolla Province to witness once-a-year spectacle of spring. To me, it was once-a-lifetime experience. As I was preparing this posting for publishing, I could still feel my excitement.

A tulip garden or dreamland. Spring has never been so colorful and sweet scented. 

Scarlet tulips adorned the side of the road to the entrance. 튤립을 보자마자 기분이 업

More teasers before the grand spectacle. 이제 흥분이 가라앉지 않았다.

A big windmill welcomed visitors at the entrance. It served both as an observation deck and a gallery.

Photozone in front of the big windmill 

Even restrooms are made to look like windmills

Tulip field with different species of tulip planted in neat columns

Tulips made of glass. Regardless real or glass tulips, they are all fragile.

Banner: Flowers bloom by white sandy beach at Imja Island, Shinan County!

Finally, windmills and tulips, the view I have been dreaming of.

Two days of rain had battered the tulips quite a bit but the view was still beautiful

The air at the field was lightly scented by the thousands of tulip flowers around but picture can't tell.

There were so many tulips I have probably seen my lifetime's share of them.

So beautiful that I forgot how to stop taking pictures

The observation tower provides exhilarating view of the tulip field and the surrounding sea

A bird's eye view of the main tulip field. There are more than 30 concentric rings of flowers. 대단하시네요.

숲에 들어가면 숲을 볼 수가 없다. 꽃밭에 들어가면 꽃밭도 못 본다.

세상에 알록달록 꽃보다 더 아름다운 게 있다. 그 건 50년이 지나가도 변하지 않는 사랑.

Looking out at the Yellow Sea from the observation tower

The design of the tulip field may change every few years. The design this year was a giant tulip.

A field of golden canola flowers and tulips where you can experience riding on horseback.

Even though it's not the real thing, I can't resist a closer look.

Kissing triggers release of feel-good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. Being among flowers probably has the same effect. Is it any wonder love and flowers are a good match.

More tulips by the waterside garden and beyond

Slope almost covered in a hue of purple. Visitors were jostling for space to take pictures at the foreground..

Even the gazebo was painstakingly decorated with small baskets of pansies. A lot of hard work has been put in.

A cartload of tulips and pansies

Taeguk Tulip Field

A confirmation shot that this is Korea and not the Netherlands

The visit ended with a walk in the canola field. Another dream realized.

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