Sunday, May 10, 2015

제이드 가든의 봄

The cherry blossom season was over but I was not a bit disappointed. One flower doesn't make spring. You also cannot stop spring from coming by removing all the flowers.

My first destination in spring was Jade Garden, located five train stops before Chuncheon Station on the Gyeongchun line (경춘선). The train ride to Gulbongsan Station (굴봉산역) from Sangbong Station (상봉역) took about an hour. Sangbong Station is the main station in Seoul where you can change to the Gyeongchun line.

The Jade Garden's shuttle bus stop is located just outside Gulbongsan Station. Although there is a bus schedule but the operator is quite dynamic in their transport arrangement. So long as a queue builds up at the stop, the shuttle bus will operate outside its scheduled timing to move the crowd quickly. Private vehicles may also be activated to ferry visitors.

The shuttle bus ride took less than 10 minutes. After purchasing an entrance ticket for 8,500won, I was ready to explore the little "European garden" in the forest of Chuncheon. Jade Garden is not as big as the Garden of Morning Calm but is big enough to give you good workout. From the entrance to the end, you will move from low to high ground. Two hours are probably enough to have a good look of the garden.

The entrance of Jade Garden with its European-styled facade

I think the most beautiful part of the garden is the entrance area

Gardeners tending the lawn at the Italian Garden. It would be nice if the water fountains were working

Moving on to higher ground. More and more greenery come into my view.

The freshness of spring is best felt by talking a walk in a garden

A reminder that cherry blossom season is all but over

The Water Garden

Cottage Garden - mid-point rest area. Drinks and snacks are sold at the little "cottage"

Waterfall Garden

Picnic in the garden

Exploring the Rhododendron Garden but the flowers were only starting to bloom

Moving on to higher and higher ground where air is much fresher and view better.

Classy daffodils lining the hill slope

Sunberry - snack and blue berry bar at Wedding Garden. The last rest place before turning back

Closed? It can't be, I need a ice-blended mocha. Sunlight was plentiful and I was perspiring despite the cool air

On the return route. Resting beside the water fountain in the Cottage Garden

Mid-noon sun beaming down strongly on a cloudless day

Posters of four not-so-recent dramas and movies which have used Jade Garden as filming site

On my way to exit the garden

How to get there?

To get to Jade Garden, take the Gyeongchun line train (above) from Sangbong to Gulbongsan Station and then take the Jade Garden's shuttle bus.

Gulbongsan Station, not a very busy station

Shuttle bus leaving Gulbongsan Station for Jade Garden

Shuttle Bus Operating Time. The 1st column shows the departure time from Jade Garden. The 2nd column, the departure time from Gulbongsan Station. Note: during weekday, bus does not depart at 12:45pm from the station. It will only depart at that timing during weekend and public holiday. Also important to note, the bus operating time will vary according to situation. 

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