Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Visiting Kyunghee campus is a like a "pilgrimage" for me. Afterall, it's the place where most of my memories of Korea were made. Although many years have elapsed since I completed my study, my affection for the place has not waned. While the campus has not changed much, one of my 단골집 (frequently visited eating house) in Hoegi-dong has since changed hand. Feeling a sense of loss was inevitable but at least I could still have cheese 'galbi' rice as comfort.

Those familiar buildings, fountain and trees

Those stone lions, warm sunshine and spring spirit

A touch of Europe in one of the Hoegi-dong's alleys which I frequently used as shortcut

My favourite Omurice house has been taken over by Sulbing, sad.

The chicken steak house was under renovation. I couldn't have my favourite chicken steak set.

Fortunately, there was cheese "galbi" rice to relieve my nostalgia pang

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