Sunday, May 24, 2015

튤립 공원 가는 길

From Gwangju

To get to Shinan Tulip Festival, I have to take a bus from Gwangju U Square Bus Terminal, board a ferry at Jeomam Ferry Point (점암선착장) and take a shuttle bus at Jilli Ferry Point (진리항). Total journey time: close to three hours.

At Gwangju U Square Bus Terminal, ticket booths of Express Bus and Inter-city Bus operate side by side. The bus ticket to Jido (지도), where Jeomam Ferry Point is located, can only be bought at the Inter-city Bus's ticket booths. The bus ride is about 2 hours long and terminates at Jeomam Ferry Point.

After I got down from the bus, I followed the crowd and found the ferry ticket booth beside a "windmill". The windmill is actually the restroom. It seems taking ferry is no longer a straightforward business after the Sewol ferry tragedy. If you travel in group, you have to submit a nominal roll using the form provided at the counter. For individual, identity card is required for registration. As a foreigner, I showed my passport and in return got a ferry ticket. I did not pay for the ticket then but that did not mean it was free. I paid the full fare on my return trip.

It took about ten minutes for the ferry to arrive at Jilli Ferry Point (진리항), Imja Island (임자도). The shuttle bus taking visitors to the Shinan Tulip Park was already waiting at the ferry point. The shuttle bus service was free but entrance to the festival cost 5,000won. I must say getting to Shinan Tulip Festival was a breeze.

At Jeomam Ferry Point. Restroom on the left (windmill), ferry ticket booth on the right.

Journey from Gwangju U Square Bus Terminal to Shinan Tulip Park is about three hours

Ferry approaching Jilli Ferry Point, Imja Isalnd

In a queue to disembark once the ramp was lowered. Tulip-shaped restroom on the left.

Confirmation shot: I was at Imja Island ㅋ

Arrived at the festival site: Shinan Tulip Park. Daegwang Beach at the back

Sculpture of horses at Daegwang Beach

Walking towards the entrance, guided by tulip flowers.

Back To Gwangju

At Jilli Ferry Point, I have to show my passport at the ticket booth again and paid 3,200won for the ferry ticket. Back at Jeomam Ferry Point, I bought a bus ticket back to Gwangju at a provision store with the sign "매표소". The bus ticket was more expensive than the one bought at Gwangju and I guess the store owner needs a cut off the sales.

To find the bus back to Gwangju at Jeomam Ferry Point requires a little searching. There is actually an inconspicuous bus stop at a side road beside the provision store. It is important to look at the destination plate on the bus's screen before boarding. Buses at Jeomam Ferry Point are bound for either Mokpo (목포) or Gwangju (광주). If you are not careful, you may end up in Mokpo instead of Gwangju or vice versa.

Waiting for ferry to arrive at Jilli Ferry Point. The ferry was packed with passengers.

Waiting for ferry to depart

Even fishing boats on Imja Island are painted with tulip motif. Welcome to the hometown of tulip in Korea.

안녕~ 임자도

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