Friday, May 29, 2015

영일하러 가자

To watch sunrise at Yeongil Pavilion (영일대,迎日臺), I have to pull myself out of bed at 5am. Sunrise was expected at 5:30am. There wasn't anybody at the pavilion, so there was no need to jostle for a good spot. The time for sunrise arrived but the sun was nowhere in sight. I left Yeongil Pavilion a little disappointed, but about 25 minutes past sunrise, the sun shyly revealed its face from behind the hilltop. Another day has began and it's a little different from yesterday.

Time before sunrise, the sky turned purple at Yeongil Bay

At time of sunrise, the sun has risen but hidden somewhere

Yeongil Bay was still asleep

Fishing vessel leaving port on a calm sea day

Leaving Yeongil Pavilion with a little disappointment

The sky was getting brighter and then suddenly...

... Sunrise! The sun slowly rose up from behind the hilltop

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