Sunday, May 03, 2015

빙수의 천국

The "bingsu culture" in Korea has made some good evolutionary changes in the last few years. It used to be red bean bingsu or yogurt bingsu, but these days there are much more choices to choose from. Flavours like injeolmi (인절미), chocolate, strawberry, mango, blueberry and cheesecake are making bingsu much more appealing than ever. However, bingsu indulgence doesn't come cheap, it's average price 10,000won. What I like about Korea's bingsu is they don't just look nice, I always got a sense of satisfaction after every round because of the generous amount of fruits chunks and cheesecake added. Some also comes with calorie-loaded goodness like ice cream or sherbet topping. Personally, bingsu by Cafe Droptop is top in my list and Sulbing is second. Also worth a mention is bingsu by Twosome Place, it comes with a slice of nice cheesecake and a free cup of americano.

자몽베리 빙수 Grapefruit Berry Cake (Twosome Place)

팥빙수 Red Bean Sherbet (Dal.komm Coffee)

베리베리 아이스탑 Very Berry Icetop (Cafe Droptop)

블루베리 치즈설빙 Blueberry Cheesecake (Sulbing)

프리미엄 망고코코설빙 Premium Mango Coco (Sulbing)

프리미엄 생딸기설빙 Premium Fresh Strawberry (Sulbing)

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