Sunday, December 05, 2010


Naejangsan National Park (내장산국립공원, 內藏山國立公園)

The afternoon after leaving Jeonju, I took a bus from Jeonju inter-city bus terminal to Jeong-eup (정읍). The travel time was 1 hour and the bus ticket 3,900won.

The next morning, I took a direct bus to Naejangsan at Jeong-eup bus terminal (정읍시외버스공용정류장). The trip took about 25 minutes and cost 1,300won. The bus arrived at the Naejangsan stop beside a 'Family Mart' convenience store. After I alighted, I was not too sure of the way to the entrance of Naejangsan. However, my instinct told me to follow the crowd and true enough, I got to where I wanted by finding the crowd and following behind them.

After more than three hours up in the Naejangsan National Park, I was back at the same 'Family Mart' convenience store. I bought a bus ticket to Gwangju (광주, 光州) for 5200won at a temporary ticket counter inside the convenience store. The bus journey to Gwangju took about 1 hour 25 minutes with a 10 minutes stop-over at Jeong-eup bus terminal. Gwangju serves as a convenient base to access different places in Jeolla province.

Bus schedule for the  Naejangsan's direct bus at Jeong-eup bus terminal.

Time schedule for Gwangju-bound bus pasted outside 'Family Mart' convenience store. A temporary bus ticket counter was set up inside the store to sell tickets. Here was the point where I got off and board my bus.

Walking along the road to the bus stop after completing my visit. The road was jammed with traffic.

I have not figured out where in Jeong-eup to take Bus 171 to Naejangsan.  

Gwangju Integrated Bus Terminal (광주종합버스터미널) inside U.square

The colourful U.square building

Shinsegae beside U.square in central Gwangju

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  1. thank you so much for your post on mt naejangsan!!! im planning to go in november and this is going to be so helpful for me.