Tuesday, December 07, 2010

백양사의 가을 (1)

Baekyangsa (백양사, 白羊寺) is situated in Jangseong County (장성군, 長城郡), South Jeolla province (전라남도, 全羅南道). This buddhist temple is about one hour bus ride away from Gwangju. It lies on the slope of Baekamsan (백암산, 白巖山) and is part of the Naejangsan National Park. It was built in 632 during the Baekje kingdom (백제, 白濟). Legend has it that the temple got its name from a white sheep which attained enlightenment after hearing the sermons delivered in the temple.

As I have many pictures to share on my trip to Baekyangsa, I shall divide my posting on this place into 2 parts. The first part will show pictures taken on my way to Baekyangsa. The second part will be on Baekyangsa and the return journey. Baekyangsa is a highly recommended place to visit during autumn. After my visit, it felt like I have seen all that I have wanted for autumn and anymore is excess.

This gate marks the start of a long walk to Baekyangsa.

Very delicate painting on the gate structure.

Cars queuing up to go in

Tour coaches from all over the country

인산인해 (人山人海), endless human traffic

Baekamsan (백암산, 白巖山) 

Canopy formed by very old maple trees

Trees along this road are hundreds of years old making this a scenic spot.

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  1. very ambient images, it seems you travelled at the best time of the season. was this still october or already november?