Thursday, December 02, 2010

전주 - 전동성당 (殿洞圣堂)

According to the information found inside the Jeondong Cathedral. the first pastor of the cathedral, a French, began the construction of this Romanesque-style building in 1908 and completed it in 1914. Romanesque-style is characterised by semi-circular arches. It is interesting to note that Jeondong Cathedral shares the same architect as Myeongdong Cathedral.

When I entered the cathedral building, the Jeonju City Choir was rehearsing for their upcoming performance - "Vox Amoris" (Latin words for the voice of love) or in Korean, "사랑의 울림". The reverberation of their beautiful singing had a rather calming effect on me. It was quite a nice late autumn afternoon.

Jeongdong Cathedral of Romanesque-style in Jeonju

Autumn at Jeondong Cathedral

Jeonju City Choir doing their rehearsal

Splashes of colour on the door of confession room 

A towering ginkgo tree found inside the compund

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