Wednesday, December 15, 2010

시간을 초월한 사랑

The reason why I went Seomgmo Island was to look for a place where the seaside house in "Il Mare" once stood. I found it despite not knowing exactly where it was located on the island. Perhaps, I should say finding it was a matter of serendipity.

A decade has passed since the film was made. The filming site has undergone a lot of changes. Asphalt road and concrete barrier were signs of development that has taken place. However, the familiar mudflat and the misty late autumn morning were still there to greet me.

If there was a letterbox standing somewhere, I might be tempted to write a letter and drop it in. It will not be a letter to heaven, it will be for someone who will pick it up 2 years later. The letter will probably start like this, "By the time you read this letter, I will be already 2 years into your future..."

Scenes from "Il Mare"


  1. For someone not used to it, the tide of the East Sea and the glare of the channels it leaves behind are magnificent.

    If synchronization is impossible, I wonder which is better - to know someone is living in one's past or in one's future. Possibly the future is better.

  2. I can understand why future is better.
    Some people would say present is the best.

    There is no need for time sync when two hearts are close to one another because when space disappears, time also vanishes.

  3. To think that the future is better might be Bloch's principle of hope.

  4. I really like to know about what Block's principle of hope is all about. Will try to search for his books.

  5. Shouldn't it be the West Sea?