Sunday, December 05, 2010

메타세쿼이아 가로수길

Standing in the middle of Damyang's Metasequoia Forest Road, word is useless. This road is described as the most beautiful tree-lined road in Korea. Damyang (담양, 潭陽) is actually more famous for its bamboo, but I was there for its metasequoia instead. I think the best times to visit the place are during autumn and snowing days. I thought the whole place would look more picturesque if the fallen leaves were kept on the road and not swept away. Anyway, Metasequoia Forest Road is still very rich in autumn atmosphere.

Damyang's Metasequoia Forest Road

Electric two-wheelers for kids

Electric four-wheelers for kids

Bikes for adults and couples. The back of the bike wrote, "Your love is forever when you ride the bike here." 이런 말이 되냐?

Check the website shown to learn more about Damyang's places of interest.

Towering metasequoia

A leaf of metasequoia

Coming to the end of the road. The road is about 900m long

Bike rental service and food stalls can be found at either end of the road

A small-scale concert stage being set up at Metasequoia Forest Road. 

How to Get There?

Upon coming out from the Damyang Bus Terminal, turn left and walk towards north-east direction for about 2km along the road indicated by the red line in the map below.

From Damyang Bus Terminal to the start point of Metasequoia Forest Road is about 2km (indicated by the red line). The actual Metasequoia Forest Road is about 900m long indicated by the green line

Direction sign along the way to point you in the right direction.

The roads before Metasequoia Forest Road are all lined with metasequoia. but they are dangerous for photo-taking as the roads are used by cars.


  1. wow that's really beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photos! The double bike looks fun ^^

  2. you're welcome. yes, the double bike is fun plus you can make your love forever by riding it.

    anyway, good luck to your exam ^^

  3. these pictures are really pretty! reminds me of last autumn when I went Nami island (:

  4. the metasequoia lane in nami island is equally beautiful. i like the view that looks out to the river.

  5. Hi! May I know around which month did u visit the road? Thank you!

    1. Hi Maruko, to be exact, it was 13 November.