Monday, December 20, 2010

명동 재발견

Myeongdong is a place in Seoul which I lost count of the times I visited. The problem when we get too familiar with someone or something or some place, impression of them becomes weaker until we become indifference. The fault doesn't lie with people, it's the body physiological mechanism which is at work, protecting itself from overload against repeated and 'useless' stimulation from the same source.

Despite my growing indifference towards Myeongdong, I still make it a point to visit it every now and then because the place changes quite fast. On my last visit, I discovered the famous stall that sold the 32-inch tall soft-serve ice cream was gone for good. Myeongdong is also fast losing its diversity as skincare and cosmetics product labels of any kinds are displacing shops which offer other products or services at a rapid pace. If diversity is necessary for vibrancy, Myeongdong's vibrancy could well be diminishing.

Myeongdong has been 'colonised' by skincare and cosmetics label of all kinds.

Noon Square - Singapore's 'footprint' in Myeongdong

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