Monday, February 09, 2009

M 슈퍼 콘스트

It was freezing at the O2 resort. Probably the coldest weather I have ever experienced. The wind was so strong that it even swept up the snow on the ground, sending them up in a vortex. It was the first time this winter I have to put on a beanie because my scarf just wasn't good enough to keep my head warm.

The M Super Concert was staged at the "Ski House" of the resort. To get there, I first took a taxi to the O2 Resort Condo (condominium). Free shuttle bus service was provided between the Condo and the Ski House. I arrived at the Ski House half an hour to 8pm. There were still empty seats available but I chose to stand since I wanted to take pictures. For the next 2.5 hours, I was standing on the same spot. The snow beneath my shoes actually melted and re-frozen as ice. My legs suffered bad ache after that. However, the experience of watching a concert at 1,420m above sea level during winter is worthed the pain.

By the way, I think my face will be appearing on Mnet on 12 Feb. I caught a glimpse of my face appearing on the big screen during the concert, thanks to the mobile camera that kept moving around shooting the crowd at short distance. Its hard to avoid the camera. At one time, the camera was just hanging right in front of me. Being camera-shy, I covered up half of my face with my scarf. So my scarf actually served dual purposes.

A lited ski slope. I think overnight skiing is possible.

The concert uses the ski slope as the backdrop.

Looking at the stage from the back.

Prize presentation for amateur ski board competition held before the concert.

Doing white balancing for all the cameras. This took quite a long while to complete.

Heavy metal group - 체리필터 (Cherry Filter) singing Rolling Heart.

Bobby Kim singing "사랑 그 놈". A very nice ballad.

"Stay" singing "너를 사랑하는 게".

They call themselves "Wink". Their trot song "부끄부끄" is quite popular now.

A new duo called the "Blue Spring" singing "사랑한다 사랑한다".

She is Lyn. One of my favourite singers. Her recent piece is "사랑 다 거짓말"

Ha Ju-yeon of Jewelry featuring in another person song "이젠 남이야"...

... That person is the youngest member of V.O.S - 김경록.

The roving camera.

아주 singing 재벌2세.

주보라 singing "Want You".

양정승 singing "어린 여자".

"Dear Cloud" singing "Lip"

He is Park Hyeon Bin, a famous trot singer. His "샤방샤방" (means 반짝반짝) is a big hit.

They are Jewelry-S.

The trio belong to the group Gavy NJ. Its the first time I heard of the group.

Kara singing Rock U and Pretty Girls.

Baek Ji Yeong singing "총 맞은 것처럼".

I left the concert before Baek Ji Yeong finished her singing because it was getting a bit late. It was about 10pm when I left. I was actually prepared to walk back to my hotel in darkness if I couldn't get a taxi. Fortunately, I didn't need to. Except for my aching legs, it was a wonderful day.


  1. 우와..
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  2. 아니요. 줌 렌즈가 있거든요 ^^