Monday, February 16, 2009

일요일 밤12시

What is more scary than ghost on Sunday midnight?
It is the truth that tomorrow is Monday!

The canned coffee CF by Cha Tae-hyeon is so funny. It is a rather humourous way of looking at Monday blues.

일요일 밤12시 귀신보다 더 무서운 건...
내일이 월요일이라는 사실!

Today's morning temperature nosedived to -8degC. That's a drop of 22 degrees from 14degC within a span of 3 days. I am so fascinated by drastic change in temperature that whenever it happens, I am so compelled to blog about it. Anyway, today was a "cheery" day. The sun was so strong that it seemed like summer. I was only reminded that it is still winter upon stepping out of building. It is indeed very cold but I like it. ^^

School's fountain pool, especially the ripples, look very nice under sunlight


  1. 조지아 광고에서 세 사람이 자판기 앞에 서 있는 배경이 바로 저희 회사 건물이랍니다.
    광고찍는 거 봤어요.

  2. 진짜요? 차태현 씨가 웃기죠?