Saturday, February 14, 2009


먹거리 means various kinds of food while 잠거리 means various kinds of accommodation. 거리 by itself means street but when it is attached at the back of a noun it can also take on the meaning of 여러가지. Anyway, this post is not about grammar but about food.

I don't usually eat in a Korean restaurant when I am alone. Korean food is meant to be eaten in a group and I feel weird sitting in a Korean restaurant alone. So most of the time, I ended eating non-Korean food. But when I am with company, I will suggest Korean food. During school day, it will be school canteen food for me because it is cheap.

While I may be a "picky" eater (I don't eat raw food, most of the seafood, exotic food), I am not a person who will miss food or complain about food. I don't miss Singapore food and likewise I don't think I will miss Korean food when I go back.

School canteen food - Donkatsu Cheese Spaghetti. Price: 3,500won

Frequently-ordered food - Chomp Chomp Donkatsu. Price: 5,000won

Recommended - Cajun Chicken Omurice. Price: 5,800won

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