Wednesday, February 04, 2009

오늘 입춘입니다

About 2 weeks ago, daytime temperature was as low as -10degC. These days, the daytime temperature is hovering around 10degC. Goodness, that's 20 degrees difference! Anyway, drastic temperature change means the season is changing. It is now 환절기 (換節期) and today is 입춘 (立春) or the onset of Spring. So I guess I will have to bid my beloved Winter farewell. It is forecasted that the last cold wave for this Winter will arrive mid of this month. After that, it will be Spring weather throughout.

Today, I got my tongue all "twisted" early in the morning. Our teacher gave us 5 short tongue-twisters to practise our pronunciation.

1. 멍멍이네 꿀꿀이는 멍멍해도 꿀꿀하고, 꿀꿀이네 멍멍이는 꿀꿀해도 멍멍하다.

2. 악어 다섯 마리 머리 허리 꼬리 반짝반짝 번쩍번쩍

3. 우리오리우리 수리해서 으리으리 어미오리머리 통통해서 둥글둥글

4. 도토리가 문을 도로록, 드르륵, 두루룩 열었는가? 드로록, 도루륵, 두르룩 열었는가?

5. 내가 그린 기린 그림은 긴 기린 그림이고 니가 그린 기린 그림은 안 긴 기린 그림이다.

Today is also our class photo-taking day. Our class was interrupted for about half an hour to have our photo taken in front of 본관 (本館) or our school's main admin building. Our teacher became playful during our photo-taking session.

Our teacher as a kiss-blowing "sexy kitten".

It was back to lesson after photo-taking. Today, we have presentation on tours and festivals. I am scheduled to do mine on Friday. We have presentation almost like every other week.

Sun beam entering our class through the window.

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