Tuesday, September 30, 2008

가장 기억에 남는 여름

During summer, while heat is at its maximum, so is the life force of nature. We may not like the heat but it was never meant for us. It is meant for the nature to thrive and grow.

I have come to associate summer with the colour of green and blue. I would have miss out seeing the beauty of summer if I had just stayed indoor to escape the heat.

Wild flowers are blooming everywhere. Its the only time in the year they are given. The ubiquitous wild chrysanthemum, though inconspicuous, is almost synonymous with summer.

Water melon has never tasted so sweet, juicy and refreshing. This is definitely the best fruit of the season and best eaten when chilled. It will give a whole new meaning to sending a chill down the spine.

Air-conditioned cafe is a good place to seek refuge when heat and perspiration become unbearable. I am saying this because my boarding house does not have air-conditioner.

Places that have water like public swimming pools, beaches and streams attract big crowd during summer. I swear that walking down Cheonggye Stream in the evening is very cooling.

The hours of darkness was short during summer. I stopped trusting my perception of time and relied only on my watch. I don't know why I have to wait until sunset before I start to think about dinner. Habit, perhaps.

Dinner for me was normally after eight. Although dinner was provided at six at my boarding house, it was a tad too early for me so I normally skipped it. It didn't bother me because there were many nice eating outlets around.

Shops that sell iced coffee and donuts had definitely earned a lot of money from me. I am not a coffee addict or a donut fanatic. It is more like they are so easily available. It seems like they are always "just around the corner".

I have finally come to the end of my summer course's update. Perhaps just one more thing. All these were made possible because of an unexpected e-mail which I received. The sender simply asked if I am going to Seoul in summer but I ended up taking up summer course at KHU. To the sender of the e-mail: Thank You ^^ (By the way, the ice cream cake is meant for you. You can redeem for a real one if we ever going to meet in Seoul.)


  1. for me, it's the humidity in Summer that makes me feel so terrible... I need a dry heat! haha

  2. hey! is there special meaning for using 매워요 instead of 더워요? (:

  3. Andy, I am too used to humidity. I cannot imagine heat without perspiration :)

    Milkway, frankly there is no special meaning but since you ask I shall give you one. A person maybe enjoying the hotness despite saying 매워요. But when one says "더워요", I can only sense irritation. Fair explanation? ^^