Sunday, November 28, 2010

가을 다 가기전

Between Dec 2007 and Dec 2009, I experienced two winters, two springs and two summers in Korea. The only season I missed twice is autumn. As 2010 autumn is drawing to a close, I decided that I need to visit Korea again to complete my story of four seasons. 'Autumn tales' is the final and concluding chapter of this story which started with 'Winter Wander' in Nov/Dec 2007, followed by 'Scent of Spring' (Mar/Apr 2008) and 'Summer in KHU' (Aug/Sep 2008). Autumn is indeed a beautiful season to be in but I gain greater satisfaction from completing the full circle.

(Above two pictures are taken in Gyeongbok Palace in late autumn 2010)


  1. 대단하시네요. 정말 많이 참고하게 되는군요

  2. 대단하긴요. 아무튼 고마워요.