Thursday, November 25, 2010

지하철 시장

Something told me that thing was not 'right' when I got off Cheongdam Station. There was whiff of 'gochujang' (chilli paste) and 'doenjang' (bean paste) in the air. Then I saw a stationary train in the middle of the station. When I looked in, I was in for a huge surprise. The train was not there to pick up passengers, it was a bazaar - a bazaar in a subway train.

On first look, the train was carrying something but definitely not passengers.

On closer look, the train was actually a bazaar.

Fridge was even available inside the carriage.

Boxes of sweet potatoes stacked almost to the ceiling, occupying a place which is supposed to be meant for wheelchair-bound passenger.

The walk-in crowd was encouraging and business quite decent.

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