Sunday, November 07, 2010

숨길 수가 없음

In my all-time favourite Korean movie "Il Mare", there is a line which says, "사람에겐 숨길 수 없는것이 3가지가 있다. 기침과 가난과 사랑이다." (To a person, there are three things that cannot be hidden. They are cough, poverty and love.) Realistically, there are more things in life that cannot be hidden. There is a Chinese proverb which says, "If you don't want people to know, then don't do it." In other words, you can't cover up anything which you have done. The proverb serves to warn people against committing bad deeds as it is a matter of time before they will be exposed.

As much as you can't cover up bad things, you also can't hide good things like good food, good book or good place. I used to come across a nice place in Seoul, a quiet residential area in bustling Seoul which is abuzz with beautiful wall paintings. For better or worse, it has recently gained popularity due to publicity in local media. Peaceful days are gone when throng of visitors from every corner come in search of it. I guess you can't hide anything that is good after all.

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