Friday, November 12, 2010

경복궁의 야경

After 615 years, Gyeongbok Palace finally open its gate at night for the first time. Thanks to the G20 summit, the palace closing time is extended from 5pm -10pm for four days from 9-12 Nov. A chance to witness a view of Gyeongbok Palace never seen before, drew huge crowd of curious visitors and photographers. 

The recently completed Gwanghwamun in full radiance

Gwanghwamun, the main gate into Gyeongbok Palace

A full view of Gwanghwamun

'Haechi', a mythical creature, stood on both sides of Gwanghwamun

A water-element beast, "Haechi' is believed to be able to ward off fire hazards

Moon rising above Gwanghwamun

Geumjeong Hall - The main hall of Gyeongbok Palace

Geumjeong Hall looks more majestic at night

No fanciful lightings for Geumjeong Hall, just white lights

Gyeonghoeru Pavilion and its reflection is a feast to the eyes


  1. 헉 지금 한국에 있어요?

  2. 옢..언젠지 좀 모르겠지만 연락하겠음 ^ ^

  3. 이번에는 못 만날 것 같애. 오늘 떠나거든.
    다음에 또 연락할께. 안녕 ^^