Tuesday, September 07, 2010


I was not on tour. 2-day conference took place in a rejuvenated warehouse, designed and managed by a group of Danish companies. The building sits beside a wharf which was said to have been used as a landing bridgehead for the invading Japanese army in 1937. History is still very much alive in the place.

The building - Nordic Lighthouse

Originally a disused warehouse, renovated for World Expo

Eastern wharf of Huangpu River

Comfy chairs but no taker because of the heat

By the river

The two tallest buildings. World Financial Center (left) and Jin Mao Tower (right)

Cruise leaving for World Expo by the river route

Barge carrying logs plying down the river like in the olden day

Interior with Scandinavian touch

Safety sign remains but workers were long gone

Slogan painted on pillar like propaganda

An exhibition along the bare corridor

Theme: World Fairytales - The Little Mermaid

Creative screen created from piecing together simple building blocks

The warehouse past is well respected

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