Saturday, September 18, 2010

옥상의 달빛

A feature of Korean buildings is majority of them have rooftop. Some owners will build additional room on their rooftop. Such rooms usually have cheaper rental because one has to put up with inconveniences like the heat of summer and chill of winter. However, there are plus points too. You can have a good view of the sunrise and sunset and not to mention, an abundant shower of moonlight.

Rooftop is a feature of Korean buildings

"옥상달빛" (屋上月光) or "rooftop monlight" is a Korean duet who do not know how to make 'complicated' music. "옥상달빛" has no special meaning and is just a combination of two of their favourite words "옥상" and "달빛".

The first music video by the duet is "옥상달빛". This fairy-tale like song is also featured in the Korean drama "Pasta". The song will make you feel like dancing waltz with all the people you love on the rooftop and singing about youth, yourselves, today and tomorrow under the moonlight.

"옥상달빛" by "옥상달빛"

The next music video is "하드코어 인생아" (It's a hardcore life). I really heart the lyrics. Sometimes, it doesn't really matter what is meaningful or what is important. When you have decided to walk on the road you have chosen, you have to know that it is a road built on your drooping shoulder and tear glands. Life doesn't allow you to move backward, so no matter what, you have to move on. Life can be like the ever-morphing clouds or the wriggling earthworms in the mud; it can also like those stars that sparkle in the night sky. I shall listen to my heart since that's life.

"하드코어 인생아" by "옥상달빛"

The music videos were shot at the Seoul Plaza. They reminds me of the good times I had there watching performances during the warm and breezy summer night.

One of my leisure in Seoul - watching performances at the Seoul Plaza


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