Wednesday, September 08, 2010

예원 (豫園)

If I have to recommend three must-visit places in Shanghai, it would have to be The Bund, Nanjing East Walking Street and the Yu Garden. Yu Garden was built during the Ming Dynasty by an official for the pleasure of his father. Walking in the garden is like reading some Chinese literary classic.

P.S. One thing I don't show in the pictures above is the huge crowd. It is not quite possible to stand still at a single spot for too long without being pushed by people. Entrance fee is ¥40 (~S$8) and a typical visit should last about half an hour.


  1. Thank you for your recommendations, I will go there when it will be cooler. I have travelled to a few spots you described in your blog, and I have not been disappointed.
    How has the city changed since your last visit?

  2. The train network is extended to more places.
    The Bund is revonated with a lot more facilities.
    There are probably many other subtle changes which I did not notice.