Tuesday, September 07, 2010

소룡포 (小籠包)

In Shanghai, one food that should not be missed is the 'Nanxiang xiao long bao' (南翔小笼包). A tray of nine dumplings in 'Nanxiang' dumpling shop (南翔馒头店), located in 'Yuyuan' (豫园), is sold at ¥28 (~S$5.50). The meat filling and soup wrapped in thin skin was extremely savoury. Although nine small dumplings wasn't enough to fill a hungry stomach, the satisfaction from tasting good food made me full.

The popular 'Nanxiang xiao long bao'. Recommend: Dip in vinegar for better taste

'Soup dumpling' (汤包) is unique. You drink the soup inside the dumpling with a straw. One dumpling cost ¥28 (~S$3.50) but I don't think it's really worth the money paid. The dumpling contains soup and only soup without meat filling. So after you are done with the soup which is not much to begin with, you are left with the skin. If you expect something more, you may end up disappointed.

Unique 'soup dumpling' (汤包) - Caution: Soup is very hot, slurp with care.

The queue outside 'Nanxiang' dumpling shop was always long. However, there is no need to queue if you are eating in. The queue outside is meant for takeaway. The shop has two storeys which provide sufficient sitting space for large crowd. Furthermore, service is fast; it only takes a short while for the food to be served after order is made at the counter.

'Nanxiang' dumpling shop. Recommend: Dine in to avoid long queue


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