Wednesday, September 16, 2009

먹고 놀고 자고

Ate this bowl of '윈톤' (dumpling) in a Chinese eating house in Samcheongdong yesterday. 5,000won for 8 small ball of dumplings was kinda expensive. But then, not many things are cheap in Samcheongdong. Perhaps I should have tried their 'Tianjin Baozi' which seemed more value for money (Baozi is bigger in size).

After lunch, it was Caramel Frappe at a small coffee stall opposite.

Yesterday dinner was a treat at a Chinese restaurant called 'Shangri-la' near to KHU's main gate. A very expensive treat I must say. The bill came up to 120,000won for 3 persons. I felt indebted.

After-dinner coffee at 'If' cafe was on me. My Caramel Macchiato came with a free slice of sweet potato cake.

'Feasting' continues this afternoon. The above dish is called '콩불'. The dish came with a heap of crunchy 콩나물 (bean sprouts) and a handsome serving of juicy 'samgyeopsal' slices.

This afternoon ended with an ice cream treat at Cold Stone Creamery. The above green tea ice-cream mix is called 'Green Envy'. Don't 'envy' me, get yourself a 'Green Envy' too and don't forget that waffle. 맛있어^^


  1. YUHMMM!!!! what's kongpul? never seen or heard of this dish before... but anything with samgyupsal i'm for it

  2. Kongbul means '콩나무' (bean sprouts) plus '불고기' (bulgogi).