Wednesday, September 23, 2009

이별 준비

It's time for me to prepare to leave Korea. I want to be home before Chuseok.

Preparation started with emptying of all cupboards and cabinets. All my belongings which I no longer need were packed into a luggage.

Then, it was off to post office to 'EMS' (express mail service) back my pile of books and notes. Post office here is impressively efficient. There was no queue and the staff gave me a lot of help in packing my box. My box came up to 13.5kg and the mailing cost was 60,200won. A few hours later, it went up a plane bound for home.

Next, all unwanted items were separated into those which are to be disposed and those to be given away. For items to be discarded, I put them into white disposal bags before dumping them at the rubbish collection point. As for the books which are to be given away, I dropped them off at 'Areumtaun Shop' (아름다운 가게) for recycling. I also donated away one bag of 'almost worthless' 1-won and 10-won coins at the shop. My unwanted clothing and shoes were dropped into a collection chute at one corner of a street.

After which, my room was given a good clean up. From floor to table to cupboard and cabinets, all were given a thorough scrub. The toilet was also scrubbed clean. Toilet bowl was washed and disinfected. Hairs clogging up the strainer were cleared. Toilet mirror and glass panels were also wiped clean.

Finally, water melon skins and apple cores which were kept inside the fridge were cleared away. They had been kept frozen so that I could accumulate enough food waste to fill up one orange disposal bag (every bag costs money). Then, the fridge's power supply was disconnected and left to defrost. Water formed was subsequently wiped dry

My room is now clean and tidy, all ready to be handed back. After living in the same room for 9 months, I see it as my own room and not a rented unit. I can’t bear to leave a mess behind for other to clean up.


  1. welcome back!!

    노래방에 가야징~~~~ 기대하고 있다~~~

    근데 우리가 10월8일 후에만 만날 수 있나 보네... 난 10월 27일에 미국에 갈거야 ^^

    original time stamp: 24 September 2009 07:39

  2. 노래 부르는 걸 그렇게 좋아하는 줄 몰랐어.
    내 전화번호 아직 기억나?
    아니면 msn로 역락하자.

    original time stamp: 24 September 2009 11:15