Thursday, September 03, 2009

해바라기가 시들었다

As I walked along a disused railroad beside Gojan Station (고잔역 - Line 4), I knew I was late. Summer has gone and so was the season of Sunflowers. Drooping flower heads, wrinkled petals and frail-looking stems formed two fields beside the disused railroad, stretching to the end of visual horizon.

There was a sense of regret. The exact word in my mind was '안타까움'. If only I could be here in August, I could have immersed myself in a 'sea' of golden flowers. I have always wanted to walk in a Sunflower field when all the flowers are in full bloom. The experience would have been awesome.

A nostalgic station signboard

There is no risk at all walking along the railroad

Looking out at Sunflower field while taking refuge under shade

Sunflower field stretches to the horizon

Stop and smell the flowers

Bench by the railroad for tired visitors