Sunday, September 06, 2009


I watch the movie, "국가대표" (國家代表, translated as National Representative), two Saturdays ago at Yongsan CGV (because there is English subtitles). I am reluctant to use its English's title "Take Off" because the word "국가대표" has a lot more weight on the storyline.

This is one movie which ticket sales actually increases after the number of screens started to decrease. What this means is the movie actually gains popularity as it goes along. I must say that the movie's trailer is not really compelling enough to make it a must-watch movie. The best effect you can get from it is a 'feel good' sensation and that's all. It is thus left to word of mouth to bring up its 'in-gi' (인기, popularity).

After watching the movie, I think it is hard to keep your eyes dry until the end. It is not because someone has died or the underdogs finally won against all odds. The movie has a way of making you relate to it. Deep inside us, we have this desire to make people who matter to us proud. We can all imagine how emotional it will be if we are national representative returning home with our proud parents and friends waiting at the arrival gate. At that moment, win or lose is totally irrelevant. The movie captures movie-goers' emotion and imagination along this line.

Besides the touching plot, what I like most about the movie is the ski-jumping part. Whenever the ski jumpers jump off the platform into the open sky, I also feel like I am 'flying' with them. My feeling has a lot to do with the uplifting OST 'Butterfly' which is played during all the significant jumps in the movie. The song is good enough to be a theme song for Winter Olympics.

My final word is the movie is highly recommended even if you don't understand Korean. I believe you can still feel the emotions. Last but not least, all the best to Pyeongchang's bid for 2018 Winter Olympics. For Korea to host a Winter Olympics will make this movie even more special.


  1. Hi!
    I love this movie... there is one song on the movie which I couldn't find it on the ost lists... could u tell me?
    there is "music is the answer" on the song lyrics...

    please tell me the title and the singer if u don't mind... thanks a lot.. ^^

    here is my email :

  2. *recommended movie too~~*
    haiya why should be "take off" loo~~
    anyway when i watched this clip, got a 감동 again... good song to cheer up monday morning ^_^

    original time stamp: 7 September 2009 09:17

  3. A good song for Monday morning and the rest of the week.
    날씨가 쌀쌀해지니까 건강을 잘 챙기세요 ^^

    original time stamp: 7 September 2009 19:20