Thursday, August 27, 2009

참 쉽죠

My Japanese classmate said that unlike in Japan it is quite easy to see 'stars' in Korea. I kinda agree with her because big stars, talented stars, budding stars, pop stars or trot stars, I have seen many of them here.

Seeing stars up close may be a pulling factor for some people wanting to study in Korea but my Japanese classmate is here for the sake of love which may be another pulling factor for some.

I am not too sure how many people know the Korean singer Wheesung (휘성). I don't have to queue for ticket or squeeze through crowd just to watch him sings. Furthermore, he was singing right inside my campus. I just wanna say, 한국에서 '별'을 만나기 참 쉽죠 (It is really easy to meet 'star' in Korea).

Wheesung performing at one of the evening concerts during KHU's 60th Anniversary celebration. Some say he is handsome, some say not but he is definitely a good singer.

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