Wednesday, August 26, 2009

여름의 들꽃


  1. Hey.. How a things with u ..?
    Hye Young Kim Here Can u Remember of me ..?
    Who u met on the Mud festival way .. : )
    We were very talkative with motion sicknes except u ..

    Sorry I just wrote unuseful things... haha

    Hey I have heard from Sun-Young and Martha..
    A u planning to go back to your country the next month...?

    I hope we will meet each other in reality.
    : ) I hopefully want to be hear the news from you soon..

    I am pretty missing u .. : )

    original time stamp: 26 August 2009 15:30

  2. 하이~ 난 잘있어요. 고맙고요.
    돌아가기전에 할 일들이 많으니까 만날 수 있는지 없는지 모르겠는데요. 만약 할 수 있으면 타타에게 얘기할게요.

    맛있는 '갓빵'이

    original time stamp: 26 August 2009 20:02