Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Today in class, our teacher drew 3 riddles for us to solve. I have reproduced her pictures below. Try guessing what the pictures are depicting. You need to be quite imaginative to 'see' the full picture. The answers shall be revealed tomorrow night.

Answer: The first picture is the easiest of all to interpret and it gives a rough sense of what to expect from the rest of the pictures. This picture shows a front view of a person trying to climb over a wall. The semi circle depicts half of his exposed face while the other is covered by the wall. His two hands are holding on to the top of the wall. Most people should have no problem getting this right.

Answer: The second picture is a bit too simplified to really make sense of it at first look. This picture actually shows a top view with the wiggling line being a tail. The full picture is a rat caught inside an empty can with its tail exposed. If you still cannot figure it out, pictorial explanation is below.

Answer: The third picture is actually the hardest to interpret in my opinion because you must first know a bit of the Korean classics "Chunhyang". Chunhyang first met her sweetheart, Mongyong, during the Dano Festival. On their first meeting, Chunhyang was playing on a swing. This picture is actually an under view of Chunhyang standing on a swing. The circle is the outline of Chunhyang's 치마 (skirt).


  1. 1번: 담을 넘보는 사람의 이마와 두 손.

    3번: 뚱뚱한 사람이 벤치 위에 서 있는 모습을 벤치 아래에서 봤을 때의 모습.

    2번도 얼핏 어디서 본 것 같아요. 위에서 내려다본 모습인데... 정확하게 기억이 안 나네요^^;


  2. 1. a man holding on a bar .Exposing his head and hands

    3. a view from below of a man standing on a bar

    2. Tough one.Balloon ? lol


  3. 1. a man grabbing the edge of the table
    2. totally no idea. is that supposed to be a man? ><
    3. fat man standing on a bench

  4. Thanks for trying.
    I have provided the answers.
    Everyone are not too far off and that's amazing.
    I have no absolute idea what 2nd and 3rd pictures are depicting initially.

  5. haha i would never have guessed it!

  6. 그림 재미있네 ^ ^
    hmmm try to guess... student sneak in, caught and punished hahaha

    original time stamp: 5 August 2009 08:33

  7. sneaking in is correct.
    getting caught is also correct but just that it is the rat not the student.
    i think you give up on the 3rd.
    anyway, good attempt.
    not many people can interpret 2nd pic like you.

    original time stamp: 5 August 2009 22:20