Sunday, August 16, 2009


손에 손을 잡고 정상으로 올라가자. 우리 애기가 너무 잘해. It wasn't my plan to go for a mountain hike when it was the hottest day of this summer. But since I was in Yongma Waterfall Park and Yongmasan looks low so I thought I should give it a try.

The sky was cloudless and glaringly bright. As I was making my way up the mountain trail, the peak always looks very close. But when I thought I was about to reach soon, there would always be another slope to overcome. Its like seeing mirage in desert.

This is a view from the top of Yongmasan. Yongmasan is 348m above sea level. At the top, there is a position-marking structure and a flag pole with a worn-out Korea flag. There is also an ajeosshi selling cold drinks and ice cream. By the way, traffic cannot access the mountain. It is so nice eating ice cream in the middle of nowhere.

Going up is difficult but going down is dangerous. However, the view is great when looking down. Yongmasan is to the North of Han River. The Olympics Bridge can be seen clearly from afar. One good thing about Yongmasan is that view is mostly not obstructed by tall trees.

From this Yongma Pavilion, the west of Seoul can be clearly appreciated. This pavilion is located near the halfway point. It would be great watching sun setting over Seoul from this point but the problem is how to get down the mountain safely after dark.


  1. Welcome Home, 친구. It's good to be home , yeah? Remember to contact me when you're ready to hold the gallery ^^

  2. 할 수 없지 워. 돌아가야지.