Monday, August 03, 2009


This post is a continuation of the earlier post on 'Han Style' forum. Its back to the National Assembly at Yeouido.

After the dance and music performance, we were given an introduction to the beautiful world of 'Hanbok' by world renowned 'Hanbok' designer, Lee Young Hee (이영희). Christina of '미녀들의 수다' also made guest appearance.

The 'Hanbok' Fashion Show started with a more traditional collection.

World renowned 'Hanbok' designer, Lee Young Hee, introducing her collections. The word that she kept repeating was 'colour' (색깔). The beauty of her 'Hanbok' has a lot to do with good colour matching.

The next group of models show off more modern-looking 'Hanbok'.

어모나, Christina of '미녀들의 수다' fame made a guest appearance in her Hanbok which she also wore during her wedding. Compared to the designer Hanbok, her Hanbok looks a lot more common. In the picture, she was appealing to the crowd, "꼭 자주 한복 입으세요. 약속! (Please wear 'Hanbok' frequently. Promise!)

The last collection of 'Hanbok' shown was not really Hanbok-like. There are more like Hanbok-inspired fashion.

Christina returned to stage wearing a designer Hanbok. The designer, Lee Young Hee, promised to give Christina one of her Hanboks as gift because Christina shows a genuine love for Korean traditional dress. 세상에~


  1. wow the hanboks here look great. I guess it looks better when you are tall XD

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  2. it looks more like a personal website than a blog now @@

  3. Wow they're all so gorgeous! I especially love the ones in the second and third pic. Where can I get them?

  4. Hi Lisa, I think you will to contact the designer, Lee Young Hee, herself. I don't know how, but you may want to check out this site (Lee Young Hee Museum of Korean Culture) first:

  5. 세상에~~ ㅋㅋㅋ
    한복 이뻐네~

    original time stamp: 4 August 2009 14:09

  6. 그렇지.
    디자이너 한복들 더 이쁜데.

    original time stamp: 4 August 2009 14:29