Sunday, August 09, 2009


Today temperature reaches 33degC, the hottest this Summer. This is probably the last fiery of this Summer. 삼복더위 is coming to an end next week and weather is expected to get cooler after that.

I have been looking at the sky recently because the season is changing. The monsoon season is over and the sky is expected to clear up. But due to the influence of Typhoon Morakot, the sky remains overcast for the past few days.

This morning, the sky was much clearer than yesterday so I decided to go to 'Haneul' (Sky) Park to watch sunset. To get to Haneul Park, I took Subway Line 5 to World Cup Stadium Station. After that, it was some walking before climbing up 291 steps. Haneul Park is situated on top a hill.

From the park, I have a good view of the World Cup Stadium and Han River. What I like about the park is that I have a clear view of the sky. I also like the large grassland and the shoulder-high grass.

Sunset view from Haneul Park should be spectacular but this evening the sky got cloudy suddenly due to the development of shower. It is quite amazing to witness the speed at which the shower develops. One moment, the sky was partly cloudy but the next moment, the sky was covered and it started drizzling.

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