Tuesday, November 15, 2016

양떼목장 - 가을편

On the way to Daegwallyeong Yangttae Ranch (대관령 양떼목장), my taxi driver tried to impress upon me that there is not much difference between Samyang Ranch and Yangttae Ranch. I did not know how to tell him that I do not get to see big open space, watch sheep grazing and breathe cool air of highland every day. If I can, I want to do ranch-hopping. Another visit to a ranch is never too much for me.

My last visit to Yangttae Ranch was during mid winter and the ranch's walking path was buried deep in snow. The freezing cold temperature also made staying outdoor quite unbearable. However, this visit, I was able to walk one complete round around the ranch under beautiful autumn weather. Now that I did that, the ranch was much smaller than I thought. It did not even take me half an hour to make one round.

The most scenic part of the ranch

Sheep are grazing in a fenced up area at top right corner

The walking path has gentle slope to climb but won't cause you to be out of breath easily

Half a view of Yangttae Ranch from the highest point

Nice autumn weather

After completing the walking path, the next thing to do was to enter the shed and feed the hungry sheep

Cuddly sheep

It was only about 1:30 pm but the long shadow make it seems like late afternoon

Annyeong, we meet again. How do you do?

Blue sky, rolling hills and autumn weather are all that are needed to re-energize a worn-out soul

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