Monday, November 14, 2016

하늘, 바람 그리고 목장

I finally made my way back to Samyang Ranch after seven years. My first visit was during early autumn. The high blue sky, cool breeze and wide open space made it a "healing" and memorable experience. This time, I was back during late autumn to the same sky, breeze and ranch. I would like to believe nothing much has changed but the road inside the ranch was quite busy with tipper trucks moving in and out, leaving thick trail of billowing dust behind. Pyeongchang is preparing for Winter Olympics 2018 and there is a lot of construction going on at Daegwallyeong area. Samyang Ranch is not spared. This is probably not an ideal period to visit Daegwallyeong. Despite that, I kept myself far away from the dirt track and still enjoyed my time walking down the ranch's meandering path. There is not much thing to do and think about at the ranch, that is why I consider a trip to the ranch a "healing" experience.

A welcome sight at Samyang Ranch- the wind farm and meandering walking path

Wind turbines harvesting wind power from the East Sea

The sign read: Grazing grass is beef and milk. Please do not enter.

The land has taken on a yellowish hue of autumn

The sheep's fleece has thickened in preparation for winter. Grazing season is coming to end soon and so is year 2016.

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